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The waves


Cloudbreak is one of the best and most iconic barreling left-handers in the world, consistently fed by open ocean swells that wrap around the reef and break anywhere from 2 to 20ft.

Often in the head-high range, it gets more perfect as the swell gets bigger.

Restaurants is a machine-perfect shallow left that breaks around Tavarua Island. While usually smaller than its bigger cousin Cloudbreak, it keeps a predictable, hollow barrel for up to 300 metres.
Tavarua Rights
On the opposite side of the channel from Cloudbreak, The Rights consistently unfold blue cylinders. A good option on a North wind.
Namotu Lefts
A more intermediate option compared to Cloudbreak, Namotu Lefts can offer different faces, from wide, rippable walls to tapering barrels.
Swimming Pools
Located on the opposite side of Namotu Lefts, it offers a beautiful ride on medium swells, while on smaller days it becomes a fun mellow, yet rippable, wave welcoming surfers of all levels.
Wilkies Pass
Located on the Southern edge of the Malolo barrier reef, Wilkies is a long, bowly right that gives its best on a North wind day.
The Northernmost break of the archipelago, Desperation is a reef finger that focuses even the least amount of swell energy from the pacific. Usually a destination for the smallest days
Reachable by car, 5kms of A-frame beachbreaks and quick lefts at the Sigatoka rivermouth, with no other surfer in sights. A valid option during North winds.
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